Betting craze

Amunga Lavenda

Just a day ago, as I was in my kabedsitter in rongai, trying very hard to prove my ‘upishi bora’ prowess to my boyfriend, he made a snide comment “Darl, we should try this sport pesa thing sometime, we’ll earn money enough to go for terrific tuesdays, don’t you think?

 I recall calculating what to answer, lest my hand lead to a ‘Kidero you’ve slapped me,’ incident. You know, Matiang’i brought a lot of confusion when he dropped the KCPE bombshell. I tended to believe he had sent my jamaa into turmoil too.

Like an ugly baboon eagerly waiting to snatch a banana, the guy anxiously glued his bulbous eyeballs to me expecting an answer.

These campus males and their addiction to sport pesa! And now considering Cris’s suggestion of ‘us’ trying it out, it is quite obvious that the ladies are having their arms twisted too. Sport pesa is like a single rotten potato in a sack. Once it spoils, it destroys even the good ones in the sack. 

Have you sat near a group of young campus men? Nowadays its not about how the Chelsea team needs God but rather how much these boys expect come the end of the day. The betting game is becoming a major crisis in universities since the money being used ‘ni za mama zetu’. It is a pity.

Cris’s  provoking maniacal outburst yanked me back to the current situation. I had been so lost in thought i almost forgot that some rat in my house needed a beating.The guy was in a guffaw state, I almost thought he’d go the way of all flesh. In an uncontrollable laughter, he screamed: Babe! I told you we should try! I’ve won the bet!!!

Truly, something ought to be done.


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