Lecturers’ revenge

Amunga Lavenda

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Indeed, I’ve seen better days! This was surely not one of them.
I had barely had a shut eye the previous night, skimming through my notes, trying to get a glimpse of what the lecturer had been preaching about the whole semester. Apparently, his paper was at 8a.m the next day- i hadn’t a clue of what the timetable looked like. 

Studying my notes, it was tough to comprehend, partly because I didn’t have all of Mr Waithero’s notes and also since my house seemed to have been infested with tsetseflies: I couldn’t keep my eyes open. This I knew would be a tough night.

This so-called lecturer is the kind who preaches for three hours with so much passion but to a class of non believers. He’s always early to class as if ‘mama watoto’ must have contributed to his early arrival; probably she snores too loud or is a bad cook, nobody knows. 

Still, as soon as his class commences, you spot Shiro your classmate already nodding to some imaginary tune of Malaika. Then there’s the guy who women flock to due to the mystique that surrounds his persona; he remains glued to his screen throughout class-the latest smartphone in town- with his headphones on. Apart from two nerds who are always at the front jotting down all the a, b, c, d that Waithero is jabbering about, the class is usually a mess.

However, these lecturers have a way of getting back at us, especially this particular one. All they do is prepare a hot paper; hot in this sense refers to one that has been keenly studied by the likes of Matiang’i. So that even after spending a sleepless night pondering over the predicament that will face you the next day, you still cannot conquer. 

And boy was I toast on the fateful day! You stare at the paper before you and even the mwakenya you jotted down the previous night is of no use. All efforts to ask Koech the nerd for question 1,2,3 and 4s answers prove a fiasco. 

 That’s when you remember there’s CU kesha from 7 all through the night. Still, watch out for the likes of Waithero, they usually know where to hurt you the most!


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