Thinking before leaping

Amunga Lavenda

Tears racing down her cheeks, she continues recounting her ordeal, with so much pain and anguish written all over her face. Judging by the way she holds herself, it is quite clear that nobody will ever understand her point of view. In the distance, an owl howls, clearly a bad omen.
“I had to….there was no other way,” she tries defending herself, searching comfort and support in my eyes. You almost wish there would be a way to carry her burden, even for a second. As she drifts into her own thoughts, i can’t help but wonder how such cases are becoming so common in campuses.

One time when my father was a fan of reggae, he’d always hum to Alpha Blondy’s tune of ‘Abortion is a crime’ with so much enthusiasm you’d think he was trying to create awareness to the likes of his daughter. Still, this being a fact, students succumb to abortion today due to engagements in sexual activities that result in early pregnancies.

Who is to blame? Is it these naive girls just learning the ropes while at school or these pretentious boys who convince them of the basic need that they ought to fulfill? Or better yet the parents and teachers who never saw the need for sexual education lessons for these people? And does there reach a point where abortion can be considered and accepted as the best way out?

Looking at this girl whose life seems so bleak at the moment, it is indeed clear that these cases leave students in a terrible humiliating state, not sure of where their lives lay. 


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