3 tips on making Christmas work this year

Amunga Lavenda

With the christmas eve fast approaching, it is quite unfortunate that every Tom, Dick and Harry will have an almost similar way of handling this occasion. Luckily, thanks to this creative bubbly being, you need not worry anymore for I am about to do away with the repetitious boring methods. My theme this year involves touching a needy heart. So what then?

1. Send invitations
This Christmas, you should hold a party. Not just any rowdy party. Rather, a party where anyone is allowed and which will be an occasion to recall. Send invites either by phonecalls or word of mouth to allies, family, foes, and especially, those whose future seems so bleak. Get in touch with the homeless and hopeless, and inform them that the venue will be at a large public place of your choice. Make it worthwhile.

2. The meatier, the sweeter
Cook, cook, cook! Let it rain food on this very day. Cook for more than 50 heads, all for free. You want to touch a soul this year, remember? So what are you waiting for! Keep in mind that when news of a free for all party reaches one, he’ll invite his whole family. So be prepared! Men who know not how to cook, do not miss out on the fun. Visit your favorite restaurant in town and order for ‘a country’. 

3. Have fun

This is a day to enjoy, so make use of the most of it. Feed these new found family and ensure that by the time they retire to their destinations in the evening, there will be no need to search garbage pits for leftovers.  Remember, each year as we have the time of our lives in different parts of the world, some remain in the streets, not sure of what their future holds for them. Therefore on this day, make them feel loved. Touch a needy heart.



2 thoughts on “3 tips on making Christmas work this year

  1. I love this Christmas message and intend to spend a real merry Christmas with you in it, dear one. Enjoy yourself too. Lovely thought.


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