Bye bye 2016…hello 2017

Amunga Lavenda

It’s been a noisy year. An angry, prudent, harsh year with lots of humiliating surprises. 

Just like any confused youngster whose trying to figure out his life, I’ve been slapped this way and that by unexpected news. And trust me, I didn’t like any of it. 

First of all, my papa broke my heart. Almost squeezed the life out of me, squashed my fragile soul like a berry. Believe me, my life has not been the same since then. It’s like surviving the Titanic tragedy…

Then, my books have been too much a disaster to read. I mean, getting to third year hasn’t been A,B,C for me. I’ve pondered over my predicament spending sleepless nights trying to comprehend what my lecturers must have been going through to give me such mundane assignments.I bet I’ll find the reason this year. 

I’ve questioned my sexuality, wondering why it’s only females who’ve shown interest in me. Three years in campus and still asking myself this question…why me? I am christian for crying out loud!

Still, 2016 has been a year like no other. It’s made me better, stronger, wiser. It’s helped me single out the few that matter in my life. So here comes 2017! What is your resolution? 


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