Friends and folks, now is the time for us to be comrades!

Collins Osanya

Let’s observe a moment of silence in honour of Chris Msando. Let us worship at his feet of unshakeable integrity, independence and professionalism. That aside, thumbs up to all comrades who registered to vote on Tuesday the 8th. You, my friends, are better than adults who have failed us, who have let kleptocratic regimes mutate into subtle tyranny that is turning our nation to a kangaroo state! I ask that we vote objectively and get rid of this dirt our adults have kept in power!

And bure kabisa to any student of higher education who is eating campaign money, who is being bribed to tilt his or her vote towards a particular political divide. You, my friends, are a let-down to the principle of objectivity, respect for the rule of law and academia that university education should imbue in you. It is useless folks like you who cheat in exams but who now desire and expect a free and fair election. It is students like you who prop thieves to the helm of student union leadership in exchange for alcohol, chocolate cakes and pointless goodies that offer no solution to the problems student unions should address. Shame on you! You have let greed and a love for free goodies chase integrity out of your heads and that is why shrewd business men are making money out of your gambling addiction not to mention that private or was it public liking online thing!

I’m worried. Most of us are burning data bundles as we run fruitless campaigns online, as we hurl tribal doused insults at each other instead of being a single force that will take care of her future by ensuring good leadership and governance is given first priority.

In memory of slain former SONU chair Tito Adungosi, deceased parliamentarian Chelagat Kimutai and other university students of the seventies who, regardless of tribe, religion or fear of incarceration stood up against a government that oppressed its people, I implore you to step up and be the conscience of our nation. We are not comrades, not yet. We aren’t fighting for our nation.

So let us be comrades. Let’s forget about demonstrating against petty issues like poor WIFI, shortage of water or congestion in hostels and focus on the main cause of all these which is poor leadership in the country and institutions in our country. Let us in Einstein’s words, ‘try to be men of value than men of success ’. Let’s save our nation before the hounds take it.





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