About Campus Snapshots

Lavenda Amunga

I am the kind of person that spots a bird hanging on a tree and decides to write about it, instead of taking a picture. Writing gives me umph. Truly, without writers, void and boring would our land be.

Apart from writing, I am a lover of kuku!!! Stewed, fried, boiled, could even eat a royco chicken cube! People who know me well enough will tell you I adore rice with beans, my favorite. I don’t know why but nothing else has ever tasted better! Any drink that has mango will do. I love crime/ thriller/ drama movies and novels. Oh! And horror movies. I am a staunch believer. My mama, siblings and friends are the treasures of my heart. I am a January born baby!

Collins Osanya

I dislike life. I love living. I love fine whisky (which I can’t afford yet), a good book, a pair of clean ironed bed sheets in my bed (sleep is wonderful) and a toothy smiling lady beside me. Top of all, I’m a journalist. And I love my work. So let’s have fun. Walk with me through this blogging journey.


Don Benzo


This is someone who has decided to join us in order to make this world a better place through nothing more than his writing. Check it out!