Lectures who like to ‘kula vithuu’ will not go to heaven, period!

Lavenda Amunga One thing I know is that there are lecturers who be it through osmosis or diffusion, will not walk the angelic streets that lead to the man upstairs. Kwanza I’ve heard that most of today’s lecturers like to ‘kula vithuu’ as my cheeky friend would call it. The wrath that awaits them… Takes me back to three years ago when I was this … Continue reading Lectures who like to ‘kula vithuu’ will not go to heaven, period!

‘Yaliyo ndwele sipite!’

Lavenda Amunga Based on true story of Bill Owiti …but again, the new sage on the block, Wavinya Ndeti, was actually right when she meticulously came up with the adage that goes, ” Yaliyo ndwele sipite.” Come to think of it, there is a meaning. Ladies are a people I would never want to be associated with, ever again. Sadly, thanks to them, i lay … Continue reading ‘Yaliyo ndwele sipite!’

Holiday Chronicles #2

Don Benzo Just got home from the longest semester in campus. You know, after the lecturers decided that the almighty shilling was more important than nourishing the minds of the future generation and went on that long ass strike that saw us having two more months added to our already lengthy semester. Getting home for the holiday came as a relief. It also presented that … Continue reading Holiday Chronicles #2

Holiday chronicles #1

Don Benzo She pressed a blue button immediately below the steering wheel and the gate obsequiously rolled to the side and paved way for the Pajero to pass. She lived 45 minutes from Eldoret town. Calling it an estate will be apt but not quite. It is more like a village seasoned with modernity. The houses were far apart. When I say far I mean … Continue reading Holiday chronicles #1

Campus beauty pageants or Mr and Miss University fairs are a charade! 

Collins Osanya  Like student leaders who walk around campus in an air of exaggerated self-importance, unknowingly pretending to be politicians with loads of money, a string of clandes (mostly first years) and the ability to call a press conference, taunt the Vice Chancellor and foolishly proclaim comrade power as the only power that can defeat Kenya power, university beauty pageants are a waste of time, … Continue reading Campus beauty pageants or Mr and Miss University fairs are a charade! 

Now comrades are having sex like rabbits…

Collins Osanya That there’s no longer keenness and scholarly sense in university education is no news. It’s also not news that key among the fuels driving former high school students through the university system of education is a burgeoning sexual appetite. Yaani! Comrades are competing rabbits in having sex. Sex (to us), like farting or yawning, has become an impulse action to be actively acted … Continue reading Now comrades are having sex like rabbits…